Click on the links below to play a range of educational games to support your learning in many areas of the curriculum. Have fun!

Minion Maths Challenge!

This term our Maths Target is doubling. Click on links below to play some doubling games to practise these number facts and help you remember. (Doubles to 20) (Doubles to 20)

Money! Money! Money!

We are learning about money! We are learning to recognise coins and make the same total with different coins. Click the links below to find some money games online. (A collection of loads of great money games on different sites)

 Phonics Play is a great way to practise letter sounds. There are lots of games to suit your child's phase of learning.

 ICT games has loads of Literacy and Numeracy activities. You can play fun games to support different areas of maths including counting, calculation, measuring and shapes. The Literacy games are great for practising keywords.

Starfall has lots of interactive games to support learning and phonics based books to support reading.

BBC KS1 Bitesize Maths has lots of fun games to practise maths concepts. There are 3 different levels to progress through.


BBC Science has lots of games for each Science topic, you can choose the appropriate age range and play the quiz too!

Conker Maths is a great website to practise your KIRFs. Choose your target and answer the questions.

Look, cover, write, check is a fun machine that helps children to spell high frequency and tricky words. It also gives them the opportunity to practise keyboard skills. Choose a set of words with the red buttons on the right hand side and try to spell them all correctly! has Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities. These quizzes are used in class but also for homework. Your log in details are in your homework folder.

Click on the Purple Mash link to go directly to our school log in page. Purple Mash has lots of easy to use games, activities and tools to support our learning in all areas of the curriuculm. You need your individual log in to access all areas.

We have been learning to round numbers to the nearest ten. Click on the links below to play some rounding games.

Congratulations Harry and Katie!

We had the sound of wedding bells in class this week when Harry & Katie got married! As part of our RE lessons with Mrs Yardy we acted out a wedding ceremony and invited the rest of the school to watch. We dressed up in best clothes, wore hats and even had a wedding cake!

Day out at Keasden Head Farm

We had a brilliant day out at the farm, learning about farm animals, the work of the game keeper and even how to make butter.


Visit to Tesco, Skipton

We spent a morning being shown around the store (in the places you don't normally see!). We stood in the huge fridges, tried different cheeses, visited the bakery and learnt about which country some of our fruits and vegetables come from. We even made bread and got to take our loaf creations home!

Mini Olympics at Settle College

We spent the morning at Settle College trying different athletic activites with other schools from the Craven area. We enjoyed sports that we have not tried before and we really showed off some of our skills old and new!

Visit to Seasons Bakery

As part of our new topic Farm to Fork, we enjoyed a visit to Seasons Bakery where we learnt about different flours, yeasts and the process of making bread. We all got to make a loaf of bread, it was great fun kneading and shaping it. The loaves went in the oven and at the end of the day Dan from Seasons brought our baked loaves up to school so we could take them home. Yummy!

Shared Reading


We have lots of Julia Donaldson books in our classroom at the moment, so we invited Class 2 to join us and we sat to read them together.


We would like to say a huge congratulations to Isabella who has successfully completed her Grade 1 singing exam with a distinction! Well done!

International Day

International Day was packed with fun activities and lots of learning about the world around us. Well done to all Key Stage One pupils (and parents) who put lots of effort into some fabulous costumes! We enjoyed making Masai necklaces in Kenya, tartan weaving in Scotland, fans in Japan and mosaics in Italy! We even did some Bollywood dancing, played flag games and had an inter-house quiz! Phew! What a wonderful day it was!


As we have been learning about Kenya, Chloe's Grandma came to talk to us about her experiences in Africa. Sue spent a long time, mainly in Uganda when she was a teacher. She brought lots of things for us to look at and help us with our research. She even brought some African clothes to try on!

Key Stage One SATs

SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tests and they happen at the end of key stage one (Year 2) and key stage 2 (Year 6). In Class 3 we approach them in a very child-friendly, non-scary way. We call them quizzes and just try our best to remember all our learning. Throughout the year we practise these types of test so that we become familiar with the layout and the types of questions. The KS1 SATs can happen anytime in May 2017 and are just one part of the end of KS1 assessment. The final assessment is based on children's attainment throughout the year. Follow the link below to watch a video which explains the tests. If you have any questions, please pop in and see Miss Middleton.

Explorers Performance

Did you see our explorers performance - Blast Off!. The story sees two young children on their journey to find Tim Peake. Unfortunately their rocket is a bit unreliable and ends up all over the world! They meet many explorers on their way but will they ever find Tim Peake?!

We loved performing for you and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Judo Taster Sessions

On Tuesday 11th October we enjoyed a Judo taster session with Danny Harper from Craven Judo Academy. We were introduced to Judo and played lots of skills games with Danny. It was great fun! If you would like to know more about Judo lessons, please pop in and see Danny, he is here in our school hall on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm.

Year 2 Athletics

Well done to all the Year 2 pupils who went to Giggleswick school to compete in an Athletics competition with other Year 2 children from the North Craven Area. Overall, we came 2nd out of 8 schools! Well done!

Welcome to Class 3!

We have had a great few days settling into Class 3 and we're really excited about the new challenges of Year 2! We are getting used to the new routines and our new classroom.


Year 2 Football Funday

On Tuesday 28th June a team of 6 Year 2 pupils went to Settle College to play in their first inter-school tournament. There were lots of teams there from different schools around the cluster. Our Year 2 team included; Lucas, Finn, Leah, Alexia, Tom and Matthew (Charlie trained with us but unfortunately couldn't make the event :) 

Our team were absolutely outstanding showing excellent skills, teamwork and great sportsmanship. They won every match they played! Well done everyone! 

Congratulations to Alexia Harrison who won player of the tournament.

Mini Olympics

Year 2 children were invited to Settle College to take part in the Annual Mini Olympics Event. It was a huge success, as always, with Year 2 children from all local schools participating. There were lots of activities including; ball skills, long jump, skipping, hurdles and javelin. All of our children received a certificate and Settle College Sports Leaders were extremely impressed with our skills. 

KS1 Victorian Day

On Thursday 26th May Classes 2 and 3 celebrated all our wonderful work on Victorians with a whole day of topic themed activities. We dressed up in Victorian clothes and everyone made a fantastic effort. We had Victorian school children, chimney sweeps, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and even a very strict Victorian school master! In the morning we got into our groups and we all had a go at the four activities which included; baking Victoria sandwich cakes, creating William Morris wallpaper, making a cup and ball toy and sketching famous Victorians. In the afternoon we played Victorian playground games such as skittles, quoits, skipping, hopskotch and Tom Tiddlers Tag. Finally we ate our delicious cakes!

Celebrating our Achievements!

In Year 2 we have worked really hard on our SATs so we all deserved a celebration! On Friday we were all awarded a certificate for our effort. We had a lovely morning of rounders and played some party games. Mrs Wilkinson baked a cake and Lucas brought some chocolate brownies! What a treat!

A Visit From Fred's Chicks!

On Tuesday 17th May Fred brought his chicks to see us. Classes 2 and 3 enjoyed hearing all about them and how Fred looks after them. They ran around our classroom and had lots of fun! We enjoyed holding them, they were very friendly!

Science Day

Monday 16th May was Science Day for the whole school. In Class 3 our theme was materials. We carried out an investigation into the best materials to make a boat. We learned about waterproof materials and investigated the strength of materials. The pupils enjoyed working in groups to see who could build the boat which would float and carry the most animals! We had so much fun experimenting, building and testing our boats! The best boat managed to hold 61 animals! We also had a materials workshop with Adrian Bowden. We helped him to carry out lots of fun experiments like melting plastic, making bubbles and making a dissolvable tablet hit the roof!

We are 1st Class@Number!

Our Brilliant Posties have worked hard all year on their Maths activities. With Mrs Wilkinson they have played lots of fun games and learned so much about numbers. Today they told everyone in Class 3 about their work and Mrs Wilkinson presented them with a super certificate. Well done!

Judge's Lodgings

On Tuesday 19th April Classes 2 and 3 went to Judge's Lodgings in Lancaster. We had a fantastic day learning all about Victorian life and it was a great start to our topic. Children were really enthusiastic and asked interesting questions. Activities included the cottage museum, servant's kitchen, exploring Victorian toys and a lesson at a Victorian School. The school master was very strict and gave us a taste of a day in the life of a Victorian child. I think we prefer our school! The event organisers were very pleased with us, commenting on our excellent behaviour and enthusiasm.

Class 3 Library Visit

Class 3 are developing a love of books! Our role-play area has turned into a magical reading corner. Step inside and your imagination can take you anywhere! We have written book reviews to recommend good reads too! We are using a lot of non-fiction books in our topic work so we decided to visit the library to help us. We had a lovely walk there where we put into practice all our PSHE work on Road Safety. On Arrival, the librarians talked to us about Ingleton Community Library and then we split into groups to take on our activities. We used the computers to use an electronic encyclopedia, sorted fiction and non-fiction and we learned about using an index to find information efficiently. Finally, we all chose a book to take home. All of our class have a library card now so we can borrow books to enjoy and support our learning at home.

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day. Class 3 came to school all dressed up in wonderful costumes as their favourite book character. From Amelia Jane to Black Beauty and Elsa to Harry Potter we had it all! The children talked about their characters and shared their books. We also wrote a character description and celebrated the fantastic books we have read. Usifu Jalloh, a storyteller from Sierra Leone entertained us with his interactive story show. He had us acting, singing and dancing! It was a super day, enjoyed by all. What a great celebration of reading!


In Science, we have been learning about sound. We talked about different sounds and how they are made. We also learned about how sounds travel through our ears. We talked about making sounds using plucking, tapping and shakng techniques. This got us thinking about musical instruments. We designed our own musical instrument that we would make from recycleable materials. It would have to be strong and able to produce a sound. We explored a range of attaching techniques to ensure our model would be sturdy. 


On Thursday 11th February Key Stage One performed an alternative version of Cinderella. Class 3 had so much fun performing this story! We loved the singing, dancing and acting. It was a very funny play telling the story of Prince Charming's journey to find his princess. There were many alternative characters including 3 rock pigs, 7 sneaky dwarves and even Shrek made an appearance! 


Welcome to Class 3! We are a wonderful class of Year Two children. Our teacher is Miss Middleton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wilkinson. This term we welcome back Miss Middleton from her maternity leave. Mrs Wheatley will teach on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Middleton will teach on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until the last week of term when Miss Middleton returns full time.


This term our topic is China


Every morning in Class 3 our lessons are Phonics, Literacy and Maths followed by Basic Skills. Our PE lessons are in the afternoon on a Monday and Wednesday. This term we are lucky to have Danny Harper leading one of our PE sessions. During our afternoons we will spend time doing Science, History, Art & Computing.


Children are expected to read at home on a daily basis. They will have a reading book from the school reading scheme but please encourage them to read other books from home and the library. Any books they do read we would love to hear about, so please write them in your child's Reading Record Book. You can make this reading time more interesting for your child (and you!) by asking them questions about the story and the characters; How do they think the story is going to end? How do they think the character feels? What are the main events of the story? If you met one of the characters from the book, what would you say to them?


In Class 3 the children will learn how to write different kinds of sentences, (statement, question, exclamation, command) use expanded noun phrases and write using subordination (when, if, that, because) and co-ordination (or, and, but). They will learn how to use tenses and how to use different punctutation.


Children are expected to practise their timestables at home each week. We will start with the 2, 5 and 10 timestables. There are many practical and fun ways to learn these. We work on the same targets in school and solve problems involving these number facts. In Class 3 we will be working on comparing and ordering numbers up to 100 and being able to read and write all these numbers, to recognise place value and calculate using multiplication and division amongst many other mathematical problems and number solving!

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