Our Topics this year are:

Rainforests Coasts Rocks
Evolution and Inheritance Forces and Magnets Electricity and Light
Animals Living Things

Polar Regions


READING  is expected to be done regualrly at home ( ideally each day).

TIMES TABLES  are tested each week on a Friday.

SMIRFS TARGETS are tested each week on a Monday.

LITERACY/ MATHS  homework is set alternate weeks on a Friday and is expected in the following Wednesday.

TOPIC  based tasks may be set occasionally to be completed over a period of time.

P.E.  is on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Blackpool Zoo Trip

We had an amazing day at Blackpool Zoo!

We saw lots of animals and had an informative and extremely interesting workshop in the education centre.

Roald Dahl Day! What wonderful costumes. 

News from 2015/16

Vikings Invade!

On Monday KS2 were missing and instead 78 Vikings came to school! The costumes were amazing and some people had put in a huge amount of effort making things for their costumes.We did lots of activities such as den building in the wood, solving problems in teams and making purses. We then did a quiz and ended the day with soup sat around a roaring fire. We had an amazing day! See the photos for proof!

World Book Day

Some wonderful characters arrived at school today. We shared some of our favourite books and had an amazing time with Usifu Jalloh, a storyteller from Sierra Leone.

The Vikings have been!

Some very scary vikings came and shared all they knew about viking life. They had a blacksmith and a woodsman who showed us how he made spoons. We did lots of activities and had a very memorable day!

Vicious Vikings!

Our topic this term is the Vikings. We shall be laerning all about where they came from; how they got here; what they looked like; what their homes looked like; what they ate and what crafts were they good at.

Some Vikings are going to visit us too! Look out for the photos!

We have enjoyed making our 3D Viking settlement.

Hetty Feather Theatre Trip

Our Amazing Americas Day!

All KS2 had an Amazing Americas Day to celebrate our Geography Topic. We did dance, art and science activities throughout the day and concluded with a quiz. It was a memorable day. 

Great news! We have an amazing walker in our class. Luca is the youngest person ever to do the three peaks challenge.....and he's only got little legs! What an achievement, we are all extremely proud.

Josh from the Yorshire Dales National Park Authority presented him with a medal and a t- shirt. It might be a while before the t- shirt fits him though!


Our topic this term is Amazing Americas.

We have been looking at the goegraphy of North America. We have done lots of map reading and can talk about the geographical features we've found.

We have been reading lots of Native American stories in Literacy and we've acted some out as plays and rewritten some of them.

We've made teepees in basic skills sessions and had great fun trying to work as a team!

Look at the photos above!

Class 4 consists of 23 year 3 children each morning and they are joined by 8 year 4 children in the afternoons.

Year 3 are taught by Mrs Clements and they have support from Miss Coates each morning and Mrs Morphet Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

The year 4 children are taught each morning by Mr Lockett and their teaching assistant is Mrs Duffin.

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