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P.E. will be on a Wednesday & Friday this term. Please make sure you have the appropriate indoor & outdoor P.E kit in school

Stories in Stone

As a start to our quarry project, we welcomed Bobbie Millar into our class where we learnt about a range of different types of locally quarried rock and then used chalks, pastels & pencils to draw them.

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Year 6 go for ice-cream

Year 6 worked really hard during their SATs week. We were really proud of them. They particularly enjoyed toast club each morning!

To celebrate their hard work we went for ice cream in the village.

Year 5 at Bewerley Park

Year 5 had a fantastic outdoor residential at Bewerley Park. They went canoeing, ghyll scrambling and much more. They developed in confidence and practised excellent team work skills.

Crucial Crew

Year 6 had an excellent day at Crucial Crew. They went to lots of different informative workshops such as fire safety, drugs and alcohol awareness, water safety, autism awareness, truancy and lots more. We certainly learnt alot.

Viking Day

After learning all about the Vikings, all of Key Stage 2 transformed into Vikings! We spent the day being Vikings where we built shelters, sawed wood, worked by the campfire, solved rune puzzles, Viking team building and making our leather purses. We enjoyed soup anf flatbread around the fire at the end of the day. Thank you parents for your help with Viking costumes. It was a great end to our unit of work and demonstrated how much we had learnt.

Literacy - Poetry

As part of our Classical Poetry unit, we have been learning how hyphens can change the meaning of words in limericks. We had fun writing some of our own. Read a couple below.

EPIC Limericks

There was once a man-chasing bear,
Who always tried to scare,
Until the man hired a van,
Now there's a man chasing bear.

There was once a giraffe-chasing pig,
Who always wore a wig,
Until the giraffe didn’t want a laugh,
So now there is a giraffe chasing pig.

By Ashley

Blackcurrant Elephant

There once was a rabbit-chasing elephant
Who usually drank blackcurrant
Which made him tired and pant
And now there was a rabbit chasing elephant.

By Shauna

World Book Day

We had a really enjoyable World Book Day. The children and staff all came dressed as a character from a book. We started the day with a great storytelling workshop with Usifu Jalloh. Then Class 6 took part in 'Speed Book Sharing' where they rotated around the class to find out about all the different books children had brought in. Lots of the children found new books they would like to read. Martha was the competition winner with her answer for why reading is important.

The Vikings Are Coming! 

Well, they arrived on Tuesday 9th February!   Five Vikings arrived at our school and set up camp in our woods. Their tent, fire, food, weapons and other Viking equipment made us all feel like we had gone back in time. We had a fantastic day visiting the Vikings in the wood where they told us about their lives, showed us how to carve wooden spoons and bowl and also answered our questions. We were even treated to a Viking Bragfest at the end of the day. We also enjoyed making Viking brooches and year group shields.  It really brought our History learning to life and we are looking forward to continue our learning after half term. Miss Braund is looking forward to seeing our Shield homework projects after half term.

Science - Light

We have been enjoying our Light topic where we have been learning how light travels.  We also had an excellent light workshop with Mr Worthington, a Science teacher from Settle College. We learnt alot about light using different prisms, ray boxes, mirrors, colour filters and we also learnt a bit about the history of light and Scientists' views. 

Barclays Coding Workshop

Year 5 took part in an afternoon of coding with Barclays staff. They were introduced to coding and the program, Scratch. They all designed and played their own Shark and Fish game.  It was a great launch to our ICT Coding unit.

365 Penguins

In our 'Maths through Stories' week, Class 6 explored the story 365 Penguins. Every day another penguin was delivered to the house! We looked at different ways of organsing penguins into equal groups, how many penguins there would be at different times of year, triangular numbers, cube numbers and the costs of looking after penguins- lots of great maths! We also researched penguins for our Literacy writing where we have written explanation texts about how penguins survive in such cold conditions. We enjoyed the BBC documentary about Snow Chick which gave us lots of information for our writing. We also carried out Science investigations about blubber and feathers and their role in keeping the penguin warm.  The children finished all our work with a fantastic class assembly. They performed our penguin dance from PE (which was inspired by Happy Feet) and wore the penguin masks that they had made in textile work.  We all really enjoyed our unit of work.

Hetty Feather!

In the last week of term all of Key Stage 2 travelled to Manchester for an evening performance of Jacqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather. It was really exciting to be in Manchester and see all the quays lit up.  The production was AMAZING! The acting, singing, acrobatics, props....everything was really impressive!  The children thoroughly enjoyed the story being brought to life and seeing it in a large theatre. 

Amazing Americas Day

To complete our learning journey about Amazing Americas, we had a fantastic Americas Day with all of Key Stage 2.  We rotated between 3 activities which included Mexican Art, Native American dance and America habitats. To finish the day we had an interhouse America quiz- there were full marks all round! We also had some American snacks - the Oreos were a hit!

Science - Materials

We have really been enjoying our science topic about Materials.  The children have carried out lots of investigations to explore the properties of materials, separating materials and also reversible and irreversible changes. Have a look at the pictures below.

Lantern Making

Year 5 had a brilliant morning making lanterns with Mrs Rowe and Mandy.  They used a variety of materials to create their lantern structure and it was quite a messy job! They made a range of different lanterns that some of them will hopefully use in the late night shopping procession. 

St Mary's Church Visit

In R.E we have been learning about holy buildings and why they are important to people. As part of this, we visited St Mary's Church in Ingleton. Reverend Ellis gave us a tour of the Church and told us lots of information.  We really appreciated his time as he is retiring at the end of November.  We were able to ask him lots of questions.  We had time at the end to sketch different features.  We will be creating information leaflets about the Church in the next few weeks.

Autumn Fair

The Autumn Fair was a really enjoyable event. Year 6 ran their own stalls to raise money for school. The stalls were fantastic with a range of games, tattoos and cakes for sale.  The customers enjoyed the games and tasty treats. Year 6 look forward to finding out which stall raised the most money.

STEM day at Giggleswick

Year 6 were really fortunate to take part in a STEM day at Giggleswick.  They had to design, cost, make, test and market a wind turbine!  The children used a lot of different skills throughout the day such as design, maths, science and teamwork skills. They had to work as a team to make their product.  Both turbines were able to produce electricity when tested at the end of the day!

Photos from the Macmillan Coffee Morning 

September 2015

We have had a fantastic start to the school year. The Head Boy and Head Girl have been elected- well done Sophie and Finn! The Year 6 House Captains have already carried out their roles in the Mini Olympics. Year 6 also raised a fantastic amount at the Macmillan Coffee Morning where they demonstrated brilliant waitering and waitressing skills! Some Year 5s have begun practising their song for the Variety Show. All this and its only just October!


Edinburgh Residential

We had a fantastic time in Edinburgh.  We learnt a lot and had a lot of fun at the different attractions that we visited, these were: Dynamic Earth, Ghost Walk, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland, The Real Mary Kings Close, Scottish Portrait Gallery.  The children were really responsible and trustworthy and they also showed that they could organise themselves for the day- great practise for September!  There was lots of walking - we walked 35km in 3 days! The children were a credit to our school and this was even more evident when we received an email from a couple on our train home praising the children on their conversation and behaviour. 

Photos will be available to view on our Open Evening.

Crucial Crew

We had a great, action-packed day at Crucial Crew. Year 6 took part in 12 different workshops such as fire safety, internet safety, autism awareness and railway safety.  It was a really informative day and we all benefited from the professionals' advice and presentations.  Year 6 will be creating an information booklet about their day with their homework pieces.

Literacy - The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

We have started to study The Red Tree book.  At first Year 6 found the story quite sad but then we have begun to explore the message of hope. We have started to look at the different metaphors used and it has provoked alot of good discussion. We will be producing narrative, poetry and writing in role using the book as a stimulus.

Click on the picture and watch the video that has been made of the book and see what you think: 

Debating Competition

We have been considering the question "Are children happier and healthier now than their parents were at their age?" Six children from our class went to Skipton Council Chambers for the Craven area debating competition to debate this question. The competition was fierce and there were lots of excellent speakers and questions however our team demonstrated excellent debating skills and we came 1st! This means we are through to the final.  Jed also won the 'Best Boy' award! A big well done to all of you, you made our school very proud!

Maths with Settle College

We had a brilliant maths lesson with Mrs Purseglove from Settle College. We learnt all about maths in nature.  We drew Sierpinski triangles and learnt about complicated terms such as 'fractals'! Then we made models of Sierpinski triangles using cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows - we put them together to make two large pyramids!

Music with Y13 QES students

Music students came to work with our class. They bought a range of drums and ukuleles.  We learnt the 'In the Jungle' song using the ukulele, drums and our singing voices.  To round the day off we recorded our three different versions. We are looking forward to receiving the cd with our music on!

RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch

We took part in this year's RSPB birdwatch. It linked well with our Science topic where we have been looking at animals and their habitats. We made bird cakes to make sure the birds

were well fed. We then designed bird feeders from recycled materials.  On Monday 9th February, we completed our hour long bird watch in our house teams. It was tricky to spot the fast flying smaller birds even with our binoculars! We gathered our data and then entered it into the website. We are looking forward to the result when they publish them.

Design and Technology- Birdfeeders

After creating birdcakes, we researched available birdfeeders and then designed our own.  We made sure that we could create it using recyclable materials. Take a look at some of the creations below. I hope they have been used successfully at home!

Class 6 visit Liverpool!

This half term we have been learning about  'The Beatles', their music and the 1960s in our topic. We visited the Beatles Story in Liverpool. We explored the exhibition and learnt alot in the Discovery Zone. We really enjoyed the Fab 4D cinema. It was great to see Liverpool and its impressive architecture and walk alongside the River Mersey.

Science Day

We had a great whole school Science Day. In the morning, Class 6 did a range of science investigations. We studied states of matter and made ice cream, we looked at the evolution of birds' beaks with Bird Beak Buffet, we played the gruesome Digestion Game and we made bubbling lava lamps.  In the afternoon we had an excellent science show with visiting scientist Adrian Bowden- it was all about electricity. The final part of our day was 'The Big Ingleton Primary School Science Quiz 2014' where the different houses competed to win points for their teams with their scientific knowledge. It was a brilliant day and we learnt so much about science. A big thankyou to P.T.A who funded the science show with Adrian.

MP Julian Smith visits Class 6

Class 6 were really fortunate to have a visit from the local MP, Julian Smith. Our Chair of Governors, Carl Lis, kindly arranged it.  The children asked lots of great questions and listened carefully to the responses. Some children had ideas for the local areas and others wanted to know about life as a Member of Parliament. I think there might be some future MPs among our class!

Macmillan Coffee Morning - 26th September 2014

We has a fantastic coffee morning hosted by Class 6. They were fantastic waiters, waitresses, hosts and raffle ticket sellers!

It was very busy with parents, grandparents, people from the village and children from the classes. Everyone enjoyed the cakes and hot drinks and lots of people won great raffle prizes from our Pink Raffle!

We raised a record breaking amount of over £1200 as Barclays kindly matched our amount raised!

Jamie's Food Revolution Day - Cooking live with Jamie Oliver!

The 16th May was Food Revolution Day led by Jamie Oliver. It was introduced to encourage children to eat good, healthy, fresh food! Year 6 took their shopping bags and went into Ingleton to buy what was necessary for our Rainbow wraps.  They worked in two teams to follow the recipe. We had the Jamie Oliver live on the laptops while they were busy in the kitchen.  The end product- healthy, colourful and tasty rainbow wraps!

Outdoor challenge day

During healthy living week, year 5 took part in an outdoor challenge day led by the University of Cumbria.  There were different challenges all around our school grounds.  It involved lots of team work, problem solving and fresh air!

Author visits

Last week year 5 and 6 were really lucky to meet two authors. On Monday, Jan Michaels came to our class and read some of her book, Moorside Boy.  We liked it so much that lots of children bought the book and all the proceeds went to the NSPCC. On Thursday, we had a creative writing workshop with author Stuart Reid who writes the really funny Gorgeous George books.  We really enjoyed their books and we found out alot about writing exciting stories.

Bewerley Park- Year 5 residential

Year 5 had an amazing time at Bewerley Park.  Miss Braund and Mrs Tennant were so impressed by the team work, courage and determination that they saw.  We went weasling and scrambling at Brimham rocks, gorge walking at Blayshaw Ghyll, a night hike, worked our way around the low ropes, flew down a zip line, helped each other around the blind line and canoed down the River Ure!

Maths problem solving with Settle College

Students and teachers from Settle College came to do some maths problems and investigations with our budding mathematicians. We completed the 'Prisoners and robots' problem and 'How many squares on a chessboard?' It was a fantastic afternoon with brilliant maths thinking skills in action.

Light workshop

In Science we are learning about light. Dr Williets from Settle College led a light workshop for Class 5. We used the light boxes, different lenses, prisms and colour spinners to explore the topic.  We especially enjoyed the diffraction glasses which bent the light so that we saw rainbows everywhere! It was an enjoyable and informative afternoon.

WW2 day

Last term we enjoyed a fantastic WW2 theme day. We were evacuated on a vintage bus which stayed at school all day. Evacuees were taken to the hall where they were 'selected'.  Following thiss, the evacuees took part in code breaking tasks, ration cooking, a WW2 school room and a trip to the anderson shelter during an air raid. In the afternoon we were really fortunate to have speakers who experienced WW2. We felt priviledged to hear their experiences. One visitor was a commando in the war and another was an evacuee. They were kind enough to stay for a VE day tea party at the end of the day. It was a fantastic and memorable day that truly enhanced our learning.

Welcome to Class Six!

There are 22 year 6 children in our class. Mr Prince is the class teacher and Mrs Denby is our class teaching assistant.

In the afternoon we are joined by 11 Year 5 pupils.

This term our topic is 'Mayans' - we will be learning about how the Mayan empire grew & eventually fell, their significance in history and how they developed chocolate

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