Learning Journals

Regular observations and ongoing assessments are made of all children in Nursery. The purpose of these observations is to identify your child's areas of interest, the progress they are making in Nursery and to plan for their next stage of development. We take photos of your children while they are busy to capture these moments and these photos are uploaded into your child's Learning Journal.

www.eylj.org follow this link to log in to your child's online learning journal on 'Tapestry.' An account has been set up for you using your email address and a password.

Please add your comments, perhaps linking our observations to what you see your child doing at home too.

Fairytale Morning

We had a wonderful Fairytale morning. The children arrived looking amazing in their imaginative costumes.

We enjoyed lots of activities and shared are favoutite fairytale stories.

Christmas Party Day

On party day we were very excited to see Father Christmas. We had fun dancing and playing games in the hall.

'This is my Gift'

We sang all about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus to tell the Christmas Story.

Nursery is open every morning from 9 -12 noon. Mrs Colledge is the teacher and she is assisted by Mrs Jeffery, advanced teaching assistant. We have lots of fun in Nursery getting ready for starting school in September. We practice taking turns, sitting listening to adults and each other, talking about things we like and building the skills we will need in Mrs Pickard's class.

We spend lots of time outdoors playing, digging, riding bikes, exploring the woods, experiencing the changing seasons and simply doing what we do inside, but on a bigger scale! Bigger building, bigger paintings, you name it, we do it bigger outdoors. Nursery is great fun.

Information for new nursery starters is available to read in PDF form and can be found in the Admissions section of the school website.

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