Science Day

We had so much fun on Science day! We looked at forces. We made paper aeroplanes, tested objects to see if they floated or sunk and measure how far a car would travel if we changed the size of the ramp! We had such a great time watching Adrian's science roadshow!

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

We used our D&T skills and knowledge of materials to build houses the Big Bad Wolf couldn't even blow down!

Fun with numbers!

We are getting so much better at our numbers to 100 and having fun too!

Science day!

We had so much fun during Science day. We read a story about a pancake and our day was based around changing materials. We made pancakes, crispy cakes and even made our own butter. We manipulated dough and plastercine by twisting, squashing, pulling and pushing. We had a fasntastic Science show which was amazing! Lots of investigations and experiements. Great fun!

We are scientist!

We have been learning to be.... a Scientist! We have thought about what job a scientist's job is - lot's of different things! Each week we have been exploring a different area of and carrying out investigations. First we had a competition to build a strong bridge. The next week we were looking at elecricity!


We have really been enjoying learning about Lowry in Art. We have been focusing on colour mixing using just 5 colours to paint our sea scapes and backgrounds. 

The Judge's Lodgings

On Tuesday, class 2 and 3 visited the Judge's Lodgings in Lancaster as part of our Victorians topic. The children learnt so much and it was an experience like never before... we really thought we were Victorians!!! We visited the school room, played with Victorian toys, were interviewed to be servents and visited a servant's cottage. The children were enthusiastic, interested and most importantly, the polite well behaved children we know they are. The museum said that they were not only well behaved, but a 'credit to the school'. Well done!!!!

Discovery dog and the 'wee' incident!

We have been doing an investigation to see which material would best absorb Discovery Dog's 'wee'!

We concluded that the cloth or sponge worked best.

World Book Day

We had so much fun on World Book Day. We made bookmarks, created new characters for books and played a game by sticking post it notes on our head. The best part was the story teller Usifu Joalloh from Sierre Leone! He was fantastic. We were captivated by the way he used the instruments to tell his stories. We joined in, danced and most importantly laughed.

Spring is on its way

In class 2 we have been eager to spot signs of Spring with the terrible weather we had during the Winter period. We have seen snow drops and daffoldils. We were also lucky enough to have Ms Gill's lamb come to visit us. Harry D, William and Ella explained about lambing time during assembly and we really enjoyed listening.


WOW - oh - WOW! Class 2 and Class 3 did the MOST AMAZING perfomance... Miss Middle and Mrs Burnett could not have been more proud of you. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Chinese New Year

We had so much fun celebrating Chinese New Year! With Miss Hampshaw we learnt all about the story of why the different years are named after animals. We retold the sotry using the animals. We also enjoyed a yummy chinese banquet at lunchtime. What do you think of our fantastic dragons?

3D shape

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have been naming them, finding them around school, describing their properties and sorting them into groups.

Our Local Area

Our topic of The Local Area and Maps has been a real triumph with the children. We have enjoyed comparing pictures old and new of Ingleton, we have looked at maps and even made our own maps with a key. The children are learning lots of geographic skills, including enquiry and observation.

Design and Technology

The children are extremely excited about making their musical instruments this week! In preparation for this, we looked at the different ways we can attach materials together. Each team was given strips of paper and different joining materials. The children had great fun attaching the materials together to see who could make the longest chain of paper. The children had to decide the strongest method of attaching materials so their chain didn't fall apart.

Maths Story Book Week

This week, the whole school has been learning Maths, through a story book! In class 2 we really enjoyed looking at Sleeping Beauty.

Day 1

We put numbers in order to make 'magical fairy steps' to cross the river!

Day 2:

We made Aurora's palace out of 3D shapes.

Day 3:

We rolled a dice, got that many fairies and saw if there was still the same amount when they had 'flown around'. We also were in a race against time (1 minute!). We had 1 minute to roll our dice and add that many bricks onto our tower. When the time was up, we counted who had the most/least bricks on their tower.

Day 4:

We had to find out how many people were coming to Aurora's naming party. The problem was, the phone kept ringing! We had to find out how many more people we had to add to out list, or if people couldn't make it, we had to take that many people away! The we had to do it without looking at a 100 sqaure. We are getting really good at this!

We have also enjoyed a range of activities in different subjects! We created palace's on Purple Mash, we have written party invitations and described the characters in the stories using WOW words. We even turned ourselves into characters from the story!

Bella as Aurora!
Kai as Malificent!
Harry W as the prince!

The Birth of Jesus

We enjoyed learning about the story of the birth of Jesus. We retold the story using beautiful knitted characters and used story cards to sequence the story.

Christmas Craft Afternoon

A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who made it to our craft afternoon. It was so much fun and you were a great help. We had a fantastic turn out!

Barnaby's travels continued!

Barnaby has continued to travel all around the world. He has been to India, Iceland and he is currently is Australia. We are looking forward to sharing what we have learnt with you at our assembly on Friday at 3pm.

Chefs busy making Indian samosas. Yum yum!
Chloe's beautiful Northern Lights picture

The Amazon Rainforest

Do you like our rainforest? See which animals you can spot. Where do they live? Why do they live in that part of the rainforest?

Barnaby's Travels! So far Barnaby has been to TWO countries. He's been flying a lot! He went to Kenya first. We looked at the Maasai tribe and the clothes they wear. We also made traditional African tribal masks. They are really super, what do you think?

Then he went to Brazil! We learnt about the Amazon rainforest and the animals that live there. We talked about the humid and hot weather and how it rains a lot. We have created a rainforest... Mrs Burnett will upload a picture when it is finished. We have looked at Rio and the Carnival there. What did you think of our carnival headresses?

Keep looking back to see the adventures of Barnaby!

Bonfire week!

We have really enjoyed learning all about fireworks and bonfire night this week! We wrote some lovely firework poems using all 5 senses and we acted out the story of the gunpowder plot!

Christmas came early!

Thank you to all the parents who came to help us make our cauliflower Christmas cards! Mrs. Burnett really did think all her Christmas's had come at once with all the support. We really appreciate it and had such a lovely time with you all. Thank you!

Multi-Skills at Settle College

We had so much fun at our multiskills morning at Settle College. Thank you to all the parents who came to support. The children had so much fun and undoubtedly got so much out of it.


In Literacy we have been learning to follow, give and write instructions. We followed a magic potion recipe, gave each other instructions how to make a lego model and have just written instruction for how to play hopskotch.

ESH group STEM

We have been so lucky to have had the ESH group send us some exciting materials. We had lots of different resources to help us design and build houses. We learnt about being safe near building works and some top tips for building a strong wall. We really enjoyed having the resources. They helped us with our Maths, Speaking and listening and Science.


Our dinosaur egg hatched into a T Rex. Luckily it wasn't a real one - we were a bit worried!

We have been looking at fossils and how important they are because it helps us to know more about dinosaurs. We made salt dough dinosaurs, excavated dinosaur bones in the sand pit and learn about the life of Mary Anning.


We are really enjoying looking after our school allotment. We are learnning so much about the seasons, how plants grow and all the digging is building up our muscles to help us write and form letters.

Our New School Year!

Mrs. Burnett has been THRILLED with our start to the new year. The children have shown a real interest in our Dinosaurs topic. We even have a dinosaur egg in our classroom. We wonder which dinosaur will hatch?

We have been busy doing lots of different activities in the classroom - here are a few photos!

Ruby busy taking money for the dinosaur park!
SPLAT the sound!
Finding ways to make 10

British Values Day

We really enjoyed our British Values day. We thought about what it meant to be 'British'. We looked at all the different restaurants and eateries we have in the UK to show us that 'British' means all sorts of wonderful and different things. We discussed how lucky we are to have people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions in Britain.

The Italian restaurant
The Chinese restaurant
The Indian restaurant
The Cafe


We had so much fun on our minibeast hunt on Monday. We found all sort: slugs, snails, beatles. We are hoping for some warm weather soon so we can spot butterflies, ladybirds and bees.

Fairy Tale Morning!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, class2 came to school all dressed up for a fairytale morning! We had lots of fun making things and even braved the deep dark woods and built some dens! Some fairy god mothers came to help us and they were so wonderful and helpful! 

They were all completely exhausted and as they clock struck 11.30 the morning was over. The all lived happily ever after....

Busy making the 3 little pigs!
Busy building dens
Watch out for the big bad wolf Little Red Riding Hood!

Interhouse Cricket

The children absolutely loved playing interhouse cricket! Well done to the children for being such good sportsmen!

Holy Places

In RE we have been learning about Holy Places. So far we have looked at Mosques and Churches. If you get chance to visit a religious building, see if you can spot anything we have learnt about!

Plants Plants Plants!

In Science we have been learning all about Plants! We have spotted both garden and wildflowers. We are learning to tell the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Never mind growing our bean plants and keeping a diary! Enjoy our beautiful Spring Photos. What plants can you spot at home? Let Miss Swindlehurst know. But remember not to pick wildflowers so that we can all enjoy them in the future!

Our Trip to the Lake District

We had a wonderful time on our trip to the Lake District. The children were beautifully behaved, interested and enthusiastic! We also had lots of sunshine which made our trip across the Lake especially beautiful!

News update!

Well we have been very busy since our last update! We visited Bibby's as part of our transport and explored the transport from the past and present! We had such fun! Look at some of the photos. We think Florence rather suited the Audi!

We were also very lucky to have Mr Greenep visit us from Settle College. He helped us make moving cars which we could push and pull. It was very exciting sawing and using hot glue guns!


Since January we have been following the travels and adventures of Barnaby Bear. He has been ALL over the world. What fun we have had a learning about different countries!

We have also been learning about animals. Miss Swindlehurst has also been learning  lots about animals... from our expert... Finn!

Angel Express!

Well done to all the children for their brilliant Xmas performance! You were absolutely fantastic! You made us all very proud!

Christmas FUN!

On Thursdays we have Mrs Whittaker read us a story... Look who came this week!

We have been doing llt's of Christmassy activities! We can't wait for you to see our Nativity on Tuesday at 2.30 or 6pm!


WHAT fun we had on our science day! We first of all had the most AMAZING Science show! We shooted rockets and balloons! All sorts!

We then made some brilliant moving shadow puppets!

In the afternoon we made bridges! First of all we had lots of different materials to make the bridge. But then Miss Swindlehurst was so MEAN! She ONLY gave us two straw and some paper to make a bridge with! We ALL managed to make a bridge which the car could cross. Mrs. Barry was so impressed!


As part of our Maths week we did some problem solving activities. The children worked SO hard to choose the bowling pins which added together to make a score. Here are some of the delighted children after solving the problem! This week we're learning about money. Here Lucy and Tom are looking very pleased having found the right amount of money to pay for their item!

Maths Morning!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Maths morning. I had lots of fun and I know the children did too. It's always great to have parents come in and see how we learn.


Early in the term, we were learning to write instructions. We picked the blackberries from our own school field and then made yummy tarts! We wrote the instructions after. Miss Swindlehurst was so impressed with our writing!

"They were delicious" - Harrison

"My mum really liked it!" - Matthew

"This is fun isn't it?" - Caitlin


In Numeracy we were learning about 3D shapes. We used the construction kits to create different shapes. Can you see what shapes we made?

3D Faces

In Art we have been making 3D faces! Here we are busy making them. Look at the concentration! They are going to look super!

Please enjoy this list of websites that the children can access at home to enhance their learning.      (use the free games)

Class Two has 29 lovely Year 1 pupils. They are taught by Mrs Pugh and supported by Mrs Duffin and Mrs Morphet.


In class 2 we like to have LOTS of fun! We’re always busy doing different activities inside and outside of the classroom. 

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