Autumn Term 1.

What will your child need.

Smiling faces,

A named PE kit, white t shirt and black shorts, pumps or trainers for outside.

 Spare clothes and underclothes just in case , ( we do have spares  at school though)

Wellies that can stay at school.

A suitable coat for the weather conditions.

 A school bookbag.

 Spring  Term 1. 


Our topic this term is  Toys and Tales. 

We will enjoy talking about favourite toys , what they are made from and how they work.

 There will be lots of stories and traditional tales with associated work and a role play area with space and resources to act out these stories.

We will enjoy outside time and PE time, hall day Wednesdays.

We are contnuing to focus on phonics to intorduce new letter sounds to help us read and write. Where a new group is introduced they will be sent home in the red phonemes book to practise at home. 

 This website that we  enjoy at school has games that practise recognising sounds and blending to read within Phase 2 and  Phase 3.

Your child may enjoy using it at home in time.

Supporting your child by looking at books, sharing stories and talking about picture books at home will really help your child in their first steps in learning to read.


This term we will focus on counting objects, learning to recognise and say numbers from object arrangements and recognise and say  numerals to 20 .

We will learn to recognise shapes and use their names. We will explore measures through practical activiites learning  mathematical terms.  

We hope your child willl enjoy Reception . If you have any questions or concerns please pop in and ask. If it is not convenient to talk we can always find a suitable time to help.

We do lots of fun activities in class one

This term we are enjoying doing gymnastics with Mrs Mercer.
.  Learning about shapes with Tap a Shape.
Playing with numbers on counting cookies, recognising matching, counting.
 Making a baby clinic and playing in it.
We love the design and make area.
  We collected items from the wood and then used them to make water trays to leave out to freeze.
Recognising numbers, santa game. Festive actors


Story time for Father Christmas. Ice pictures Making a bridge for our quarry. Careful cutting to make our owl baby pictures.


Welcome to Class 1. We are a class of friendly Reception age children aged 4-5 years old. Our teacher is Mrs Pickard and our teaching assistant is Mrs Tennant.

We have a lovely light airy classroom organised into continous provision areas to enable us to access the Foundation Stage curriculum.

We enjoy playing inside and outside in our super Foundation Stage play area that we share with Nursery and access daily.

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